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Skyco is now a leading installer of electrical and data communication systems to the building industry and major organisations.

Our approach to electrical contracting has developed over the past 10 years. At its core is a commitment to provide a service that will ensure the long-term success of our clients.

Skyco is successful in delivering both small and large projects on time, within budget and with a high level of customer satisfaction. This commitment compels clients to repeat and refer further business, which continues to strengthen the company’s reputation for its outstanding performance.

Our safety goal is to eliminate injuries to anyone involved on our projects. Our approach is based on committed and active leadership, transparent safety management systems and standards, education and training and effective governance.

At Skyco Electrical Corp, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive training for our own staff and subcontractors. Comprehensive training is provided according to each trade classification and up to date training registers are maintained. Project and task specific training forms an integral part of training modules provided via:

  • New employee site induction
  • Project and/or site induction
  • Safety meetings
  • Toolbox meetings
  • Safety alerts
  • Ongoing courses and refresher courses


Our company’s values recognise the importance of environmental conservation. We regard environmental conservation, sustainability and prevention of pollution as an integral part of our business activities. Skyco Electrical is committed to leaving behind the smallest ecological footprint by integrating environmental activities with our Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Assurance methods and procedures.

We maintain the highest possible quality standards and provide clients with safe, reliable, optimum cost products and services delivered on time.

Our quality objective is to exceed customer expectations by delivering product and services that meet industry standards, specified requirements, regulations, legislation, codes of practice and contractual obligations.

We are committed to employing resources with the highest competency levels deemed necessary for successful delivery.

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