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Four Things You Should Know About Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans add a distinctive design feature in any home to keep you cool and comfortable. Choosing the right ceiling fan installation can be challenging. Our team of experts at Skyco Corp provide a bit of information you should know about when it comes to ceiling fans.

  1. Ceiling Fans Are Great For Cooling

Most Aussies don’t understand how cooling a ceiling fan can be. These ceiling fan installations are one of the most practical and economical solutions to help reduce heat in homes, especially during summer. The wind-chill effect created by these fans will keep you comfortable throughout the day. Having a ceiling fan installed in your home can cut cooling cost by up to 30%.

  1. Size Matters

Choosing the right fan size is crucial. You don’t want a fan that’s too big because they make the room feel small and also create a lot of noise. If the fan is too small, then you can forget about its cooling perks. What’s more, you will need to consider the size of the room as larger rooms may need two ceiling fans installed. And with that, you will need to have your installer adjust the height of your ceiling fan for correct circulation.

  1. Choosing The Right Blade Size And Features 

Now that you have an idea of how size matters, you also need to consider the correct blade size as well as ceiling fan features. Many people believe that the number of blades is what matters; however, that isn’t the case. Larger blades can cool at very low speeds, which is ideal.

  1. Pick the Right Features

There are different types of ceiling fan models, and some are easier to use than others, like the Martec. When choosing a ceiling fan, ask your installer about light intensity fans, their speed, noise level and remote controls. After all, the model you go for needs to make your life easier. Your installation company will let you know about the right motor for your fan. The correct one will minimise noise and use less power. Smaller motors operate at higher temperatures, which often make the room much warmer.

At Skyco Corp, we are master ceiling fan installers and ready to help you with your residential and commercial property installation needs. Get in touch with us today and discuss your ceiling fan requirements.


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