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Five Things You Should Avoid to Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe

As we move out of the summery months and get into more colder ones, how we use our air conditioning systems will differ significantly. Those of you who have an aircon in Caringbah homes or office will know the ample benefits of these systems. If you’re considering investing in an air conditioning system, this is the best time to start doing your research and familiarizing yourself with how they work. You’ll discover that there are multiple brands that offer varying specifications and sizes. It can get confusing which one to go for, but with thorough research on and offline, you can get the best unit for your needs.

For the purpose of this blog, however, we’ll assume you already have a unit, and if you already do, this is for you. We’re going to look at a few things you should keep in mind to protect the integrity of your air conditioning system.

A quick background on air conditioning systems:

  1. Normal systems can work for up to 25 years when used as per manufactures instructions
  2. For them to complete their lifespan, regular maintenance is vital

Here are what our experts advise you to avoid when using an air conditioner in order to curb serve issues with the system.

  • Wiring, of any kind, can be a real hazard around the office or at home. Loose wiring threatens electrical appliances, as well as broken electrical connections, which can be dangerous for air conditioning systems. Make sure that you look out for broken or loose wires and get them fixed as soon as possible. It’s also important to keep in mind that handling electric wires is hazardous, so make sure you hire a professional electrician to complete the job.
  • Dirt and debris are one of the leading causes of heat transfer obstruction in air conditioning systems due to dust particles in the system. Cleaning AC parts yourself is never advised. This is because even the smallest negligence may cause more damage to your appliance. So again, seek the help of a professional to serve this purpose.
  • Heat-generating appliances in the room your air conditioning system is installed to provide cooling can be dangerous. Excessive heat may cause the breakdown of the air conditioner.
  • Avoid overusing the aircon. This is primarily because if your AC unit is continuously in use without a break will lead to its sudden failure to operate optimally.

These are a few things to avoid and keep in mind when using your aircon in Caringbah.

At Skyco Corp, we are experts at air conditioning systems. We repair, maintain and service AC units for residential and commercial properties. Our team of electricians and technicians have the necessary skills and experience to work on a variety of AC brands and can help fix yours when need be. Call us, we also service aircon in Cronulla.


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