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Your Reliable Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire

Skyco Corp is a family owned and operated level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire that specialises in a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential electrical services—including service for underground and overhead aerial consumer mains.

Some people might not be aware of the differences between accreditations, but effectively, a level 2 service provider is qualified to undertake maintenance work, servicing and repair work on service lines that run between a business or residency and the supply network. Therefore, all electrical work relating to extensions, renovations or general property upgrades must be dealt with by an Accredited Service Provider (APS) under NSW regulations. Some of the specific tasks that fall within this line of work include: 

  • Disconnecting your premises from the electrical network
  • Installing or repairing underground service lines that content your residency to the network
  • Installing or repairing overhead powerlines
  • Installing an electricity meters.

Servicing Commercial & Residential sectors

As a collective, Skyco boast an adaptable skillset that covers all maintenance & repair work for your home or business. We also have extensive product knowledge, enabling us to offer educated advice and recommendations to optimise the performance of your electrical systems, and cut back operational costs where possible. Your level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire will be trained in the following: 

The Skyco Approach

Where we stand out as the go-to level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire is our general approach to the trade, carrying a level of commitment that is simply unrivalled in the space. Since our establishment over 10 years ago, we’ve been consistently building our reputation as the leading installer of electrical and data communications systems. Some of our core qualities as a level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire include:

  • Valuing Health & Safety above all: We’ve adopted an active leadership style that involves ongoing health & safety training, and comprehensive employee site inductions in the best interests of both our new recruits and our customers.
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability: We recognise the important of environmental conservation, and do our bit to limit excessive energy use where possible.
  • The quality of our workmanship: We maintain an incredibly high standard of work by following all specified regulations, best practice recommendations and contractual obligations.


If you’re looking for a reliable, organised, highly professional level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire—Skyco Corp have you covered. Contact us on 02 9189 6280 or send your emails through to!

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